Goodbye CrispMe, Hello CrispMe

Goodbye CrispMe, Hello CrispMe

PhotoCube_1b - Copy (Goodbye CrispMe, Hello CrispMe on CrispMe)

We apologize for updating the blog less frequently lately, in fact we were all busy working on this, we have been busy working on it for about a month. By the time you are reading this, you are reading in a new layout and Yes! we are all excited about it!

It’s been a while since we updated the look and feel of CrispMe, time has come for us to bring you a brand new looking CrispMe. Beside updating the look of the website, we are introducing a couple of “upgrades” in terms of usability and user friendliness, as well as some new features. Check out the highlights below. Whether you like it or not, or there’s anything that we can improve, you are welcome to leave your comments below for the things that you like or dislike, or even suggestions to make things better, we are hearing :)

New Look

We have got some talented designers working on the new design and did a lot of tweaking before the final version, what you are seeing for the final version is a clean design with skewing effect applied appropriately to some of the elements.

PhotoCube_1b - Copy (Goodbye CrispMe, Hello CrispMe on CrispMe)

PhotoCube_2 - Copy (Goodbye CrispMe, Hello CrispMe on CrispMe)

Designed for Devices of All Screen Resolutions (Coming Soon)

You name it, desktop, laptop, Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Android phones and tablets. We are going to make it work and look nicely on these platforms.

The Header

Now you can navigate between categories without scrolling to the very end of the page, do searching without navigating away from the current page, follow us via various social channels more easily with the icons.

Head-Menu (Goodbye CrispMe, Hello CrispMe on CrispMe)

Head-Social (Goodbye CrispMe, Hello CrispMe on CrispMe)

Head-Search (Goodbye CrispMe, Hello CrispMe on CrispMe)

New Listing Style

New 2-column thumbnail oriented listing style let you browse through interesting posts more quickly with sneak peek of content.

Listing (Goodbye CrispMe, Hello CrispMe on CrispMe)

Sort by Popularity

We did quite a bit of hacking to the system to achieve this, you can now view popular posts.

Sorting (Goodbye CrispMe, Hello CrispMe on CrispMe)

Random from the Shelf

Beside viewing latest or most popular posts, you get some random taste of great artworks in the past on the right.

Random (Goodbye CrispMe, Hello CrispMe on CrispMe)

New Paging Bar (We Love This!)

We love this new paging style, do you love it too?

Paging (Goodbye CrispMe, Hello CrispMe on CrispMe)

Share The Article

You will share the article if you liked it, won’t you? We have improved the design of these buttons as well.

Share (Goodbye CrispMe, Hello CrispMe on CrispMe)

New Comment System

Instead of using the old Facebook comments that we have been using, we did enough research and decided to drop Facebook for Disqus Commenting System. This system is even more feature-packed and it cares about your privacy as it won’t appear on your Facebook profile.

Disqus (Goodbye CrispMe, Hello CrispMe on CrispMe)

Related Posts

You are done viewing the current post and what’s next?  You might want some other posts that closely match your viewing appetite, and yes, we have a floating panel on the right that displays related posts wherever you scroll.

Similar-Posts (Goodbye CrispMe, Hello CrispMe on CrispMe)

The Footer

We include all navigation links at the bottom too, this should improve accessibility to most users.

Footer (Goodbye CrispMe, Hello CrispMe on CrispMe)

Enjoy browsing in new layout :)

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  • Fantastic work!
    I absolutely love the new design. Though, I think the Facebook share button is not working – might want to check that out :)

    Apart from that, love it and absolutely amazing job! :D

  • sheaujye

    Thanks Humza for the compliments, we will be looking into it soon :)

  • zulqarnain

    Wooooo… superb n attractive i really impressed n regular visitor of your site.