Happy New Year – 2014

Happy New Year – 2014

To all our readers – old and new – we would like to wish you a warm and happy New Year 2014. We hope this year brings you twice the happiness and opportunities than last year.

This brings CrispMe.com into our 5th year of operations. To all those who have stuck around, I would personally like to thank you a lot. It means a lot to Sheau Jye, the website and of course to myself. Thank you for all the comments, shares, likes, stumbles, etc – it gives me great pleasure reading your comments and trying to make the posts even better! :)

As always, if there is any suggestion you would like to drop – please feel free to drop it right here on this post (in the comments below, and I assure you we will take them into consideration)!


Happy 2014!

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