Hold Your Breath Photography Project

Hold Your Breath Photography Project

Ben Trovato (Hold Your Breath Photography Project on CrispMe)

Hold Your Breath is an amazing photography project between the duo – Maxime Gé and photographer Nahoko Spiess. This particular project attracted me more than any other photography projects I have ever seen online.

The reason being – the whole setup looks just like a “fantasy”. Also, it reminds me of the scene from the movie 300 when the Oracles ask the girl to speak with their Gods. Her movement, clothes and that view looks very much similar to this one.

Here are the exact details regarding the project and the people involved:

Collaboration with the Photographer Nahoko Spiess
Published in Ben Trovato
art direction : Maxime Gé
photography : Nahoko Spiess
post-production : Maxime Gé
model : Johanna [email protected] Management
make-up : Vichika Yorn
hair : Takayuki Nukui
dress : May’s Ange

Check their websites out:

Maxime GéNahoko Spiess





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