In-Focus: A World Of Solitude by Michał Karcz

In-Focus: A World Of Solitude by Michał Karcz

I really liked the work of Michal Karcz. While I failed to find some decent sized imaged of his amazing work – what I found was amazing nonetheless.

Michal Karcz takes photographs and at times manipulates them to meet a certain ‘atmosphere’. His inspiration comes from many things, such as novels, and book titles etc. His work has also been featured of countless books and used as artworks.

Here it a little “Bio”:

I was born in 1977 in Warsaw, Poland. I had graduated from the High School of Art in Warsaw. My journey into the world of photography began in the early 90’s, but at that time my biggest passion was painting. Painting helped me develop vision that was hard to create. Unfortunately I had to leave the paintbrush and canvas. A few years ago, I opened “the door” to my own world with help of a different key…

To see more of Michal’s work, please visit him on:

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