In-Focus: Creative Illustrations by Rubens LP

In-Focus: Creative Illustrations by Rubens LP

Rubens is quite a talented and creative illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Many of his illustrations end up on T-shirts, which are cool and I’d love to have one of them.

A little about the artist now:

My name is Rubens, Rubens LP. I’m an illustrator and you are looking my most important works made since 2007.

I was born in 1981 in São Paulo, Brasil and since then I have been drawing and lnteresting about everything related with visual arts, mainly figurative art.

Since 2006, I have been doing illustrations for a large number of companies’ wordwide as Adidas, Microsoft, Nike, Absolut Vodka, Smart, Sony Ericsson, Coca-Cola, MTV, Editora Abril, Folha, Editora Globo, Motorola, Ride Snowboards, among others.

As you can see above, Rubens is no stranger to big clients and his art is no stranger to big clients. I am also very much amazed by his amazing “Finger Paintings” which you must check out (on Flickr).

If you wish to see more of his work, visit:

Personal WebsiteTwitterFlickr






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  • Mook

    Anybody know artist with very similar style with Rubens LP? I saw one
    few years ago. Only remember that he has exhibition of agressive
    portraits of street gangsters or somethin like this. Please help to find