In-Focus: Digital Artist Mathieu Schatzler

In-Focus: Digital Artist Mathieu Schatzler

Mathieu Schatzler is a digital artist based in France. Mathieu’s portfolio is quite ‘full on everything’ – photo-manipulations, album art covers, etc. We would like to focus a little bit on everything as we believe he is exceptionally good and deserves all the attention he can muster.

His work remains clean and simple – with accurate amounts of details, good colors and good lighting. Something other artists often go excess with destroying the whole ‘natural’ feel to it.

A little ‘Bio’:

I’ve started my career in 2005 as a webdesigner, and became Art Director at Wokine, a eight years old french web design studio. After working on all kind of web projects, I’ve started a Freelance career in 2009 in addition to myArt Director day job, opening new doors in the design marketplaces.

If you want to check more of his work, feel free to visit his portfolio on:

Official WebsiteBehance




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