In-Focus: Digital Paintings by Ein Lee

In-Focus: Digital Paintings by Ein Lee

Ein Lee is a digital painter and artist from Taiwan. The artist is currently a freelance artist and a student college. Herinterest lies in the field of illustrations and comic & manga artwork.

Here is a little more information about the artist extracted from the artist’s website:

· Art education: self-taught
  · Works primarily in:

  1. Multimedia illustration (comic/manga, fantasy, storybook, website graphics, etc.)
  2. Character design & concept art
  3. Comic illustration / coloring

  · Tools of the trade:

  • (Digital) Easy paint tool SAI, Photoshop CS2, Wacom Intuos3 6×11 & Intuos 4 medium size
  • (Traditional) mechanical 4B (0.5mm), Sakura micron pen, Copic regular & sketch markers, watercolors

If you wish to see more of the artist’s work, please be sure to visit:

Personal WebsitedeviantART





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