In-Focus: HDR Photography by Trey Ratcliff

In-Focus: HDR Photography by Trey Ratcliff

If you were searching for HDR photographs constantly online, it would be surprising if you do not come across a shot that was taken by Trey Ratcliff.

Trey is the person who runs “Stuck In Customs”. A website where he not only shows people his photographs from around the world travels, but also helps them with their HDR photography by telling them just how he does it.

Currently, Trey is based in Austin, USA.

A little about himself, from his Flickr page:

Photography is my right brain activity to keep myself balanced. I have a unique approach to photography because of my computer science and math background, and I seek to use cutting edge software technology to change the way people’s brains process pictures and pattern-match.

Check more of his amazing HDR photography – and his ventures around the world on:


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