In-Focus: Hyper-Realistic Portraits by Bec Winnel

In-Focus: Hyper-Realistic Portraits by Bec Winnel

Here is a little about Bec Winnel and something regarding her work (displayed below):

I’m a self taught artist from a young age. My first exhibitions were in Nan’s kitchen on her fridge. My art practice has changed from a young girl, from drawing realistic horses repeatedly, to exploring digital art whilst studying graphic design, then back to traditional techniques for my work as a represented commercial illustrator, advocate with Element Eden and my personal fine art work. I have been exhibiting in-group shows for the past five years with the aim to have a solo show.

She has many shows coming up and I believe she is quite a talented young woman, and a wonderful artist. So, go visit her website and check her out on Twitter and Facbook and show her your love.

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