In-Focus: Translucent Aquatic Photography by Alexander Semenov

In-Focus: Translucent Aquatic Photography by Alexander Semenov

Alexander Semenov is  hard-working and dedicated underwater photographer. He captures the aquatic life – smaller creatures – in a way that we don’t see it. Just looking at his images brings a sense of tranquility to my mind and heart.

Another great thing about Alexander is the fact that while other photographers just shoot. Alexander Semenov actually photographs while doing his primary job – which involves diving. That is just amazing, as his primary job is linked with his much-loved passion of photography.

A little ‘Bio’ never hurts:

In 2007, I graduated from Lomonosov’s Moscow State University in the department of Zoology. I specialized in the study of invertebrate animals, with an emphasis on squid brains. Soon after, I began working at the White Sea Biological Station (WSBS) as a senior laborer.

WSBS has a dive station, which is great for all sorts of underwater scientific needs, and after 4 years working there, I became chief of our diving team. I now organize all WSBS underwater projects and dive by myself with a great pleasure and always with a camera.

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