In-Focus: Photographer Ron Gessel

In-Focus: Photographer Ron Gessel

Ron Gessel is a photographer who loves to travel a lot. This is exactly the reason why most of his photographs have been photographed in different countries; showing their culture, the people and for Japan, evens its natural habitats.

Here is a little “Bio” regarding the photographer, taken from his Behance portfolio:

I studied graphic design in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I started my career as an art director and have worked on several major advertising agencies such as FHV BBDO, LOWE and Baas en Van Haastrecht.

Nowadays I am a freelance art director/photographer. I travel a lot and during my travels I am touched and fascinated by the country and its inhabitants. I am a street photographer in heart and soul. My photos are not staged because I want to show real life.

If you like his work, please visit to see more of his work on:




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  • Ângela Motta

    Wonderful images! Great work , great photographer Ron makes photos with the soul.