In-Focus: Photographer Sharad Haksar

In-Focus: Photographer Sharad Haksar

It is such an honor to have featured Sharad Haksar on our website. I have been following his work for quite some time now; ever since I joined deviantART 4 years ago. His deviation “Just Do It” was on the main-page of photography category so I pretty muh saw it everyday.

Sharad Haksar is a professional photographer who not only shoots portraits, but also works great with commercial photography. His tools of the Trad are, Hasselblad 555ELD with P45+ Phase One Digital Back (39 megapixels).

Sharad Haksar’s photographs from India are something that give us a window and opportunity to see the more ‘lively’ side of the country, and not just the rural and poverty which everyone portrays so franticly everyday.

To see more of Sharad Haksar’s award winning photographs and portfolio, visit him on either websites:

Personal Website  – deviantARTFlickrTwitterFacebookBehanceOneEyeland




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