Inspiration: 40 Inspiring Long-Exposure

Inspiration: 40 Inspiring Long-Exposure

Long-Exposure is an amazing technique where you keep the shutter of your camera open for more than a normal shot and thus the lights are captured and give a “motion” effect.

Following are a well compiled list of 40 inspiring long-exposure photographs, which we hope inspire you – give you ideas and motivate you to go out and photograph, and experiment with long exposure.


In a Hurry, Tranquility Flows, River Radiant: An alternative, Bench, Paths – Long Exposed, Wet Spin Fast, Ink Sea, The Heart, Heaven and Hell, Super S, Golden Gate Bridge, Nightscapes, Glow, Water My Friend, Center Of The World, Santa Monica Spain, Gotham City, Coliseum,  Point Lobos, Sleek, Halts of Ice, Niagra Falls, Shanghai, Astoria Night, time to choose, rubberman542, Song Yao, Edy Santosa, Philip Matthews, meowology

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