Interview: Impressive Fractal Artist Sam Himes (Chaosfissure)

Interview: Impressive Fractal Artist Sam Himes (Chaosfissure)

Lament (Interview: Impressive Fractal Artist Sam Himes (Chaosfissure) on CrispMe)

Here is a follow-up with one of the best fractal artist I’ve seen in quite a few years. Sam, who goes by the alias of Chaosfissure on deviantART is no amateur at fractal artwork and loves to create stories and fractal artworks that have a meaning behind it. The story? Well, it lies in the eyes of the beholder, or you could just look at the title and try to transform the artwork in that sense.

A hobbyist fractal artist from the United States, whose actual name is Sam, but he prefers you call him Chaosfissure. Here we go:

His work can be found on:



Lament (Interview: Impressive Fractal Artist Sam Himes (Chaosfissure) on CrispMe)


Lament (Interview: Impressive Fractal Artist Sam Himes (Chaosfissure) on CrispMe)

Q. Can you tell us a little about yourself and just how you started off in fractal artwork?

My name is Sam Himes; I’m 23 years old, a programmer by profession, and an artist by hobby. I enjoy discovering how things work and exploring potential; the reason I started pursuing fractal artwork is because I saw amazing patterns and shapes in fractals, and wanted to understand how people went about creating them.

Q. Tell us a little about fractal artworks. What they are, and what do they mean to you?


At a very basic level, fractal artwork is nothing more than a recursive, mathematical equation plotted as an image. I prefer to view it as an exploratory medium; one that allows me to shape and control chaotic behavior into a fusion of order and chaos.

Q. What amazes you about fractal artworks that you feel is not as prevalent in other forms of artwork?

One of my favorite features of fractal artwork is the way I find myself creating it — compared to other form of art, I can change color schemes in a fractal at any time during the creative process, and the structure and shapes that I work with can be drastically altered at any point in time. Rather than working on something and scrapping it because I butchered an element I was working on, I am able to change or eliminate that element in a wide number of ways so I can keep on exploring what the fractal can do.

Q. What inspires you the most?

Unfortunately, I have no concise answer to this question. My mind finds inspiration in anything it deems interesting — music, color schemes, video games, stories that it generates, other artwork, words, food, emotions…

Q. Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

Phaethic Escapade (Interview: Impressive Fractal Artist Sam Himes (Chaosfissure) on CrispMe)

I generally can’t decide between (Phaethic Escapade) and (Lament). In a technical sense, Phaethic Escapade wins due to superior framing, but Lament sparks a stronger emotional response that is just as impressive to me.

Q. Any tips/advice for those who love your work and wish to follow in your footsteps?


1) Ask questions that foster creativity. Not all questions have “correct” answers. From my perspective, the best questions are ones you should constantly pursue an answer for, but never really will find an answer to.
2) If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, try something different. I create artwork for enjoyment, and don’t want to do something I don’t find satisfaction from.
3) Don’t be afraid to fail. I still fail a lot when trying to make things — I just fail better than I did before…whatever that means!
4) Set goals not only for what you want to accomplish, but also for what you want to learn.


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