Interview with Digital Artist Liza Gokoeva

Interview with Digital Artist Liza Gokoeva

If you checked our website our recently, you must have stumbled across a post in which we featured Liza Gokoeva’s digital artwork – which goes along the lines of fantasy, mythical and mostly video gaming.

I had the pleasure of interviewing this very friendly and passionate digital artist. If you want to read the interview, be sure to read it below and check, some of her few best works posted too – check the other post for more of her work, or for more detailed portfolio visit:




Q1. A warm welcome to you Liza, welcome to and thank you for sparing your time. Can you tell us a little about yourself? How old are you? A little bio if you may please

Ans: Well, my age is about 25+.A (women related) habit to never tell the actual age. My biography is simple – I was born in Caucasus, and later moved with parents in Ukraine. Now I live in Sebastopol.
I studied at the Faculty of Arts, then at the advertising manager. After a long search, found myself in the drawing field. However, I always have been drawing, all my life.

Q2. Just how did you start into digital-arts? Were you always inspired with it or one day did u suddenly get the ‘art bug’ and started painting/drawing and soon you were doing these amazing digital-artworks

Ans: How it all began? … I do not know.  It is difficult to say exactly how. Just at first, I drew on paper, and then began to scan the pictures and color them in Photoshop. I used a mouse at that time – the horror!
Then, my husband presented me with a tablet and prompted the thought to develop in this direction (digital arts).


Q3. Getting inspiration for this type of stuff is pretty tough – you also need to have a creative mind. When you are out of ideas, how do you inspired?

Ans:  It happens in different ways. What inspires me are ideas, books, and music -especially the music. Some of the ideas embodied easily, others with difficulty. Many of those ideas are waiting to be tested out and implemented in my works.

If I get no ideas then generally, the absence of ideas means that I am tired.
I am the found either writing or reading. If very tired – I cook something delicious – we would love to eat something made by Liza –

Sometimes I need a rest and need to sit down to think about how to realize this or that idea, but often quickly find a “solution”.

Q4. What do you see yourself doing in the next 5-10 years? If working for some video game company – which one do you love the most. In addition, do you play games?

Ans: Yes, I would like to work in the studios, working on some big project, preferably my own.

As for the company, which I would love to join the MOST, would be Blizzard! To achieve their level of art is just a dream!

Moreover, I want children – haha, definitely Liza. I hope that we will be alive by that time to interview them too

Yes! I play video games. I play them for professional work, as an interest, and mostly just for fun and relaxation. Unfortunately, I have too less time for this.

However, if you let me play – I will go with ahead in Aion. From the last games I played, I really liked
“Portal 2”, “Alice and Darksiders”.

I love platforms games, and to wave a sword.

Q5. What would u advice (life lesson) to other digital artists and artists in general, who are just starting in the field…

Ans:  Do not give up in the early stages!
Do not become conceited achieving success!
I am self-taught. So I say from my experience – need a goal and work. It is very hard work, but if it is your favorite business then do it with fun and hard work. If the painting is what makes you happy – it is worth working hard for it.

Not necessarily to imitate someone’s style. It is better to be yourself. Your own styles will apear itself with practice.
Appreciate yourself and your ideas. However, remember, learn and practice for practice makes perfect and learning gives you the chance to learn new things and improve

I wish all of you the patience and good luck and a dose of inspiration!




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