Interview With Photographer Sasha Larina

Interview With Photographer Sasha Larina

Good day readers,

I am finally glad to publish our very first interview, and that too with quite a young, talented photographer based in Moscow, Russia. Her name is Sasha Larina.

In very simple words: Being only 24, Sasha Larina is a fashion, female portrait photographer who is also a model herself at times and a proud Inkd Girl.

Here is the interview, after which you can see some of her best photographs (in our opinion):



Q1. Can you tell us a little about yourself, where you were born and how you started off in photography and also whether you are currently a full-time professional? Or a college student taking it freelance / part-time.

Ans: I was born in Moscow, but my childhood spent was in the village with my grandma. Less than a year ago, I decided to go into the field of photography.

I asked my friend to help me make a few photos using his cam by myself and I felt that I very much like it. It was only a passion at first, but now I find great interest in it.

Now I work for myself. I make shoots and retouch.

Q2. Why did you choose photography? Would there be any special reason as to why you picked photography as your field of work?
Ans: I have no idea. I think photography is the best I can do. Really, I tried myself in music as drummer and DJ, as tattoo artist, as a florist and many more…but only photography gave me the way of self-realization.
Q3. At times when you feel uninspired, what do you do to gain the motivation and inspiration to do more work? For example, would you check some visual arts magazine, websites like deviantART or so, etc?

Ans: I try to focus on my work, some ideas come to me during the working process.It also depends on a model. Some models are full of inspiration.


Q4. What is the photo-gear that you use most usually? That includes your camera, your lens (es), and any studio light if any

Ans: I use my Canon EOS 5D along with the following lenses: 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm.
Q5. You seem to have an amazingly beautiful vibrant tattoo on your arm. Who is the artist and does it hold any valuable importance to you?

People usually consider tattoos to be a visual artwork on the canvas, which is the human body. However, at many times tattoos mean to people more than just “art”.

Ans: Alik Kasyanov aka Astrarium made it (the tattoo). My tattoo on my arm is just a beautiful decoration.

As for me tattoo is “art”.

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Check below for some of her photographs. If you like her work and want to get in touch with her, or want to see more of her portfolio, please visit her on either website:

Official Website (Tumbr)Flickr 500px Twitter





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