Josef Rarach Uses Makeup to Transform Into King Zombie

Josef Rarach Uses Makeup to Transform Into King Zombie

Josef Rarach is an incredible actor/special make-up artist, from Prague, Czech Republic, who uses special make-up to transform himself into this very rad looking Zombie King/King Zombie. At first glance it becomes hard for anyone to tell whether that thing is CGI or an actual human being. The time and dedication that Josef Rarach puts into it as probably a LOT, judging from the intricate details of the makeup and just how real the whole setup looks.

If you wish to see more of Josef Rarach work, then be sure to head over to his Facebook Page or Twitter, where he also posts Behind-the-Scenes photographs which will give you an idea of just how and what goes into the making of such an incredibly realistic looking Zombie!

I am sure all the Zombie fans will appreciate him going the lengths. Well, at least we know if the zombies ever invade Earth, Josef Rarach will be the one surviving it by moulding himself into one and he’ll fit right in. Tough luck for the rest of us. Maybe Josef Rarach can teach us?

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