Man With Axe by Liliana Porter

Man With Axe by Liliana Porter

The Man With Axe is an amazing gallery showcased by Liliana Porter, at Hosfelt Gallery in New York. Many of us consider small figurines to be toys and mere decorations, while on the other hand, Liliana goes out to flea markets, antique stores, thrift stores and many other odd places to collect these tiny ‘lifeless’ figurines – and eventually gives ‘life’.

Life is given to them through a story. A story told by nicely organizing objects around the installation. Man With Axe is such a story in which Liliana has used smashed items to make up a story.

The main character is the “Man with Axe” who stands at about 3 inches tall in a nice little suit. While the debris itself is around 12 feet long and if you look closely you can see pretty much everything in the debris – clocks, vases and mirrors to a dozen or so other tiny figures like soldiers, farmers, kings and a groom.

Check the images out and try to make your own story out of it, and why the man is destroying all these items? Could it be that these items are from his past and he is destroying his past that may haunt him? Or what?

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