Peak-Shift Paintings by James Roper

Peak-Shift Paintings by James Roper

Good day fellow readers,

In this post we will show you some really amazing peak-shift paintings by James Roper. Now, what exactly are peak-shift paintings? Well, I’ll let James explain himself:

a term given to the phenomena of ‘neurological attraction’ that appears in both humans and animals to an extreme
characterisation of an object

Also, here is a little description regarding the whole showcase project also:

By isolating out what I see as the crucial parts of such images and collaging them together into the work my intention is to intensify these visual triggers even further so they form a sort of neurological hyperactivity.

For one, these images are really attractive and bring out the colors of life. Indeed, my eyes have ached for such creative, yet colorful paintings.

You can find James on Behance.

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