Photographer In-Focus: Guadalupe

Photographer In-Focus: Guadalupe

Guadalupe also goes by the alias of Gingershots on deviantART and Guada Molina on Flickr. To me, she is probably the best photographer I have stumbled upin this year. The reason being: she is only sixteen years old and so passionate about what she does, that each and every photograph of her has a theme and is done different from any other photographs.

She is not only creative and unique in her vision for photography, but also loves to try out new things that make her gallery the more inspiring and fresh every time you visit it.

If you wish to see more of her work please visit:



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  • Wow I feel completely honored to be featured in such a lovely article! I’ve just stumbled upon it and had no idea that I was here, but I just cannot describe how much this has made my day, thank you so so much!