Photography by Jerry Downs

Photography by Jerry Downs

Jerry Downs is a creative and wonderful photographer with lots of experience and knowledge at hand. In this post, I have highlighted some of his best works – humorous, landscapes, and even people.

Jerry Downs shoots a variety of things, but one thing he ensures is the fact that each image is something that you would love, is creative and unique in it’s own special way.

A little from the photographer himself about his work:

Being a photographer has exposed me to hundreds of places around the world and allowed me to visit just as many individual worlds. Each has taught me how to be a better photographer. And, more importantly, each has taught me something about myself. I’ve learned that the way I see the world is a reflection of how I see myself. Every image is, in a way, a kind of self-portrait.

My job has been to find different ways to look at things. Which has taught me that there are a lot of ways to look at things! This perspective has helped me see that life is extremely malleable and open to an infinite number of interpretations. When I remember that I am making up my picture of the world from my own lines of thought, life itself becomes a creative act. When I remember that life is full of wonder, wonderful pictures are everywhere.

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