Photography by Katja Ruge

Photography by Katja Ruge

Katja Ruge is a photographer who photographs a diverse range of subjects ranging from – musicians, travel, food, and many more. She also photographs photo-essays so do check out her website below for some great photographs.

A little about the photographer:

Katja Ruge lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.

After her studies in graphic design and her apprenticeship as a photo lab-assistant, Katja Ruge worked as a lab-assistant, a photo-assistant in Manchester/U.K. and an art director in Duesseldorf. Freelance photography since 2000. Magazines, companies, artists, books, art.

Themed exhibitions of her works in Berlin, Dessau and Hamburg. Exhibitions in galleries in Brussels/Belgium, Graz/Austria and Tarifa/Spain.

Katja Ruge’s latest themed exhibition “Kann denn Liebe Synthie sein?” (Can Love be Synth?) was held in Berlin in Summer 2011 and just returned sucessfully from this years SXSW Festival in Austin /Texas

Do check more of her photography on the following websites:

Official WebsiteTumblr




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