Portrait and Wildlife Photography by Chad Wys

Portrait and Wildlife Photography by Chad Wys

Chad Wys is an artist and follows a more different approach to art than other normal artists. As other artists tend to create, Chad tends to deconstruct/destroy and create! Here is a little information regarding Chad:

Deconstruction is a major part of my thought process in and out of the studio.  Academically, I am pursing a study of art theory and criticism and I reward myself by writing about the problems and triumphs occurring in the art universe today as well as in the past—I thoroughly enjoy taking contemporary ideas into the past and considering things in new ways.  In my writing I use theoretical frameworks to negotiate a more lucid and dynamic understanding of culture and how culture interacts with the visuality that permeates there.

A major strand throughout much of my work, beyond the broader inquirers into what art means socially, is the notion of object: object ownership, objectification of history, objectification of people, objectification of artwork and its many mediums; etc.  I often explore/exploit the idea of objecthood: how we decorate our lives with arbitrary, as well as meaningful, things; how we objectify the ones we love and the strangers we see; how we objectify pain and death; how we objectify complex and sensitive cultural histories.

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