Portraiture Photography: 50 Amazing Images

Portraiture Photography: 50 Amazing Images

Portrait photography or portraiture is photography of a person or group of people that displays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject. Like other types of portraiture, the focus of the photograph is usually the person’s face, although the entire body and the background or context may be included. 

If you are a portrait photographer, then there might come a time when you run across blank or dry on ideas. This is where such a post – showcasing portraiture photography – comes in handy. As it allows you to look at some really creative and amazing portraiture shots, and maybe just one of them or all of them might give you enough ideas to help you get back on feet and photograph new portraits.

Portrait photography is not all about beautiful models and good lighting. It’s much more than that. As these portrait photographs will show, you need to have the perfect express, lighting conditions, clothes, makeup, etc. done to have a decent portrait photograph. These portrait photography ideas include and not are limited to general portrait photographs, Fine-Art, and others.

I am hopeful that these portrait photography ideas give you some sort of creative spark that allows you to go out and create your own photographs (which we’d love to see). In terms of any question you regarding any image below, please comment below – and I’ll try to answer them, or try and ask the photographer and get back to you. Alternatively, you could reach out to the photographer yourself through the link given with each photographer .

Last but not least, if you are a portrait photographer and think your photograph should be in such a list as well (the next list), send us an email using the “Contact Us” page.




J by zenibyfajnie

Asylum by Senju-HiMe


No Title by Светлана Беляева

Instantly captivated by those fierce eyes and red lips. A simple, but well captured portrait.


Web by Alexei Bazdarev


The autumn wind of change by Georgiy Chernyadyev


Cloudy by Felix Barjou


Da by Anton Mislawsky

A minimalistic portrait that does an excellent job at keeping negative space yet focusing on the model herself


Maria by Ann Nevreva


Deliverance by Benjamin Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong is a legend. His models are brave to have stood at such great depths without oxygen. Just that much earns this portrait its merit


Elena by Ravena July


Winter Symphony by AnitaAnti


Annika by Hart-Worx


Snow White by Amanda-Diaz


You may say i’m a dreamer by Megson


Nature calls by tayaiv


Coldness of time by Gingershots


Blue by GretaTu


Never Never Land by ElenaKalis


Can u luv me again? by kazarinakristina


Untitled 2 by Daniela Haubertová


Remember by leekisung


Natalie Loves You by Artur Madej

Model: Natalia Baranowska (Natally Loves You)


Vik by Ivan Kavaldzhiev


Tanya by Artyom Goryainov


Joline Maria by Rifa Riza


Untitled 4 by Светлана Беляева

The two/three color combination is superbly appealing to the eyes. An excellent capture


Rose by Евгения Хавва

A rose wall, a beautiful smiling model and a flower head wreath. Everything about it is loveable.


Freckless by Jovana Rikalo


Bright by Jovana Rikalo

One of the most magnificent shots in this collection. The eye tones go so well with her red lips. A beautiful combination and photograph


April by sashalarina

A wonderful shot of April Diamond


Fall colors by Andrew Litsch

Gets you feeling the summer vibes instantly! Got your beach-wear ready?


Rag Doll III by FlexDreams

Rag Doll III

A Victorian styled theme shoot. The unique costume, and pins with the porcelain-ish makeup. Never could go wrong

Burn by Nodvikoff


The hair looks like strands of fire, and the whole image captures the essence of the title “Burn”

Insect by astridle


Caught in the web of life, this conceptual photograph does an amazing job of expressing the mood

Crime OF Passion by Aisii

Crime OF Passion

An exquisite hairstyle and dress, that goes perfectly with the black & white tones. Also, if you like this, maybe check out our Black and White Photographs Done Right post

Fly by sollenafotografie


Freckles + a beautiful model, and wonderful sunlight. A perfectly captured moment

Krisztina by Ella Ruth (Facebook Page)


One of the best things about this portrait is the fact that it is not put ‘under the knife’ too much (not too much Photoshopped that is)

Aerial by kuzminphoto


The lighting on this one is amazing. Also, the blur around the hands ensures the focus goes towards her eyes and facial features.

Love by MartaSyrko


If this was black & white, I’d say it would look like a beautiful painting hanging in some Duke’s castle or so. Love the vintage feel to it

Red with Flowers by Adam Allen



It’s always hard to get things right when you’re shooting with just one color. Adam does a wonderful job though.

Cold Flame by MarinaCoric

Cold Flame

A simplistic portrait that focuses on the eyes of the model; contrasted with the hair and background color, “Cold Flame” is a fitting title to the image

Titania by starg691


Straight out of wonderland

Phuong My Spring/Summer 2015 II by zemotion


Gale by CarolineMadison


Groovy by CarolineMadison


Love the composition of this image. The mood, lighting and makeup are all well done

Gnossienne by Abanna


Dawn by Orwald



Aslin by Amanda-Diaz


While boasting a simple, white background, this portrait photographs is all about perfecting the lighting conditions and bringing out the best in the image and the features of the model (such as her hair, or the sharpness in her eyes)


28 by Slairea


Blond by MartaSyrko


A beautiful black and white photograph that keeps part of the image a mystery while the other half is illuminated. The details on her lips adds to the whole thing. A great shot.

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