Ink in Water: Project “Demersal” by Luka Klikovac

Ink in Water: Project “Demersal” by Luka Klikovac

Luka Klikovac is yet another photographer who plays with the ‘cliche’ idea of ink in water and does it magnificently. There is quite a play of colors here, and the beauty is just astonishing.

Even though this ideas has been tried many, many times before. There are people like Luka Klikovac who manage to do something very unique with it – making them look different from all others out there.

A little information about the project from the artist himself:

The collection of the latest photos of the young artist Luka Klikovac represents an exiting and creative play of colored fluids. Through his camera lens he reveals realistic and tangible space where wondrous motions of strange forms occur, thereby creating psychedelic effects.

The author is fascinated with the diversity of surreal depths and spaces created by unpredictable laws of motion of colored fluids.

His imagination, artistic sensibility and knowingly caused “randomness” in a glass of water, lead viewers to an endless adventure, full of surreal and timeless scenes

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