Review: 500px App for iPhone

Review: 500px App for iPhone

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Good day to everyone. In this post, we will be reviewing the newly released official App of 500px. If you are into photography, or just seek out inspiration on the Internet, I am pretty sure that you might have stumbled upon 500px once in your quest for inspiration – if you are a StumbleUpon user, stumbling on 500px is a highly likely chance.

To anyone who does not know what 500px is (pronounced five hundred pixels), here is a little excerpt from the Wikipedia page on 500px:

500px, pronounced five hundred pixels, is an online photography community that was co-founded by Oleg Gutsol and Evgeny Tchebotarev. 500px is seen as a place to gain exposure, find inspiration and connect photographers with one another.

500px was launched back in October 2009 and ever since has grown into one of the finest network for photographers worldwide… yet lacking its very own App for the iOS device. Up until now, that is.

500px fanatics, lovers, and members had to rely on a third-party application to fulfill their 500px hunger on the iOS device – using an application called “ISO500 for 500px” by Pulpfingers.

After much hue and cry from the members asking for an official App – 500px finally responded and launched their official App.

ISO500 for 500px

ISO500 (Review: 500px App for iPhone on CrispMe)

The ISO500 App for iOS devices was one of the finest applications available in the iTunes App Store for browsing photographs found on the 500px website.

Even though it was a third-party application, the iSO500 for 500px App did a fantastic job on keeping the interface simple and unique. The app had a rolling slider that allowed users to navigate from one place to another. For example, navigating from “Flow” to “Editor’s Choice” feature.

The slider was later removed in an update. However, the simplicity and uniqueness of the application remained very much intact. Using an official API, the ISO500 for 500px application allowed users to both sign-in/sign-up for an account using the application and use the service. Although, users did have the option to browse the website without having to sign-in.

Navigation was smooth and the images loaded pretty much quickly. I can’t say I had any complaint with the application. Not to mention the fact that the application also allowed users to “Upload” an image. A feature that is currently only exclusive to this application alone – the official App does not allow users to upload an image.

Dive in the official 500px App!

To start off, the official application kept the main theme intact for its iOS application. The dark grey theme was something that bought focus to the images and is a color that brings out the best colors in an image – a proven point. This is exactly why the backdrop of Adobe Photoshop happens to be a dark grey color.

The simplicity of the application was something that I was in awe of. Without the simplicity, the application might have failed to deliver the very essence of 500px.One place where 500px excels from other websites such as Flickr is the fact that it provides a very user-friendly and simple interface. Free from all hassle. No groups, no communities.

As with the ISO500 for 500px application, the official app delivered a similar splash screen. The users had the option to either login/sign-in or just browse the website without having to sign-in. The idea to browse the application without having to sign-in allows users who have no intention of creating an account browse the images and be transfused with inspiration.

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The application starts with a brisk tour of the app itself. A fantastic and simple image in the background draws the attention of the user and appeals right at the spot. First impressions last.

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The navigation bar lies on the top of the app. Clicking on the three buttons allows users to navigate from places to places on the application.

Clicking on 500px logo

Clicking on the logo gives you the following options:

  1. Notifications
  2. Settings
  3. Tour
  4. Find Friends

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The fact that users can still take a tour after skipping it is quite a good addition. A lot of users skip the Tour and then find it hard to navigate the App. This would allow them to know the basic features of the application and what each feature translates too.

Clicking on 2nd button (Picture icon)

Clicking on the picture icon gives you the following options:

  1. Home, you can navigate to the following:
    1. Flow
    2. Following
    3. Favorites
  2. Photos, it brings you a dropdown of the following options:
    1. Popular
    2. Editor’s Choice
    3. Upcoming
    4. Fresh
    5. Search
  3. User Profile

IMG_0696 (Review: 500px App for iPhone on CrispMe)

On clicking an image, a user has the option to “Like” the image, add the image to his or her favorites and also has an option to share the image on various social networking websites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Email and an option to open the link in Safari.

IMG_0704 (Review: 500px App for iPhone on CrispMe)

The “3-dashes” info button next to the comments button opens up the EXIF data and description of the image itself allowing users to find the various details regarding the image itself.

IMG_0703 (Review: 500px App for iPhone on CrispMe)

One must know that most of the images found on 500px have EXIF data, and thus, this feature remains a vital and helpful addition to the official application.

The application works perfectly in landscape mode and gives the users a complete full-screen experience of the image. Sliding your finger allows users to change the images. This is a great feature as it sort of acts like a manual slideshow and users can slide and change images until they stumble upon an image that inspires them or they love a lot.

Lacking a little…

The application was made with a good attention to user-experience and the basic essence of 500px was rightly infused in with the application – the essence of bringing the finest photographs to the users. However, there were one thing which I found lacking in the application, and I hope the amazing developers over at 500px bring this feature out in the next 500px app update.

The one thing missing from this beautifully executed application is the ability to change the category of photographs. As can be done on the browser version of 500px and also on the third-party application ISO500 for 500px application: a user can change category of photograph, for example, choosing from Abstract, Landscape, People, Travel, Journalism, and many others.


Before the launch of this application, I was an avid user of ISO500 for 500px application for the iPhone and other iOS devices. There are not many applications in the iTunes App Store for 500px, and from all those applications, the ISO500 one was probably the best.

However, on using this official application I was very much content and satisfied of the quality, the user-friendly interface and speed of the application. I found a feature lacking, but, I was ready to overlook that part on the basis that the official application provided me with everything I need.

The upload option is also missing. Yes. However, I believe that users should upload images from their laptops and computers instead and not from their iOS devices. 500px believes in quality and holds some of the most amazing photographs on the Internet – allowing users to upload photographs from their mobile devices might bring in a flood of snapshots. Ruining the whole idea of quality.


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This is a guest post by Humza, he is on vacation and will be returning to the team and post regularly soon.

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  • The new 500px update just rolled out for the iOS.
    Seems they did hear our plea – option to navigate using categories has now been added! :)