Roundup: 20+ Beautiful Mugshot Portraits

Roundup: 20+ Beautiful Mugshot Portraits


Don’t mistake these photographs for the criminal mugshots. Rather, mugshot means a photograph of the model from their waist up which focuses solely on their facial features. Here are some 20+ images that make the best use of mugshots by making them inspiring and creative at the same time!

Be sure to check the galleries of the photographers out as most of these images are under-rated and deserve all the love and exposure.

*** by Tarasov


Fluri by mamasi


Camarilla Agram by ivoturk


P r 0 – f o u n d by bitterev


Image by dasTOK


What if I can see into your soul by Nilanja


Octopus Mother by losesprit


Antonioni style I by blooding


Snow queen by alexandrovaarina


2015-04-07 09.07.43 2 by Gareng92


Dollqueen by bwaworga


.RO. by dasTOK


Fisherman’s Daughter by SilverScreened


Frosted by Laima1


Zx by ivonneojeda


Lobster by JOEMILIEN


A little oblivion by MichaelMagin


Mad Lux by LuxLucie


Rouse by Ryan-Bater


Audrey by NathalieBergstrom


187/365 (20/11 2012) by SilverScreened


So by luez2


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