Roundup: 45 Beautiful iPhone 4 Retina Wallpapers

Roundup: 45 Beautiful iPhone 4 Retina Wallpapers

If you own an iPhone 4 and are using a normal wallpaper, well, it is seriously time you change! Let the crispy, high-definition retina wallpapers take over that beautiful screen of yours – and leave you drooling over the quality.

So here are 40 awesome Retina Wallpapers for your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Any credits available have been provided at the end of the list.


Rasmus Nielsen, Neil Hanvey, Martz90, Cole Rise, Jimsy, John Carrey, StephenCN, GrunySo, nanatrex, Eren Emre, north385, Saibz, James White, OtherPlanet, Rob Leeper, Rey Misterio, DariaLemonade, Joao Oliveira, Ryan Doco Connors

Some credits are missing. Please let us know in comments or by email if you know the missing ones!

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