Sebastian Murra’s Illustrations are Vibrantly Amazing

Sebastian Murra’s Illustrations are Vibrantly Amazing


These are some of the most vividly colourful illustrations I have seen, and they definitely rank amongst the top from what I have seen. It’s amazing how flawlessly Sebastian blends together so many colours. The whole illustration is appealing to the eyes of the viewer and makes you stare at it for a few second trying to figure out what it is. That’s what art is all about?

But, who is Sebastian Murra? Sebastian is an art director and motion designer who has developed himself a unique vector style where endless strokes, shapes and colors bring you into a new world of abstract possibilities and different perspectives. Sebastian’s illustrations have been published in various magazines, newspapers, books, several popular art blogs and have been used for commercial purposes as well by musicians, or street vendors (check the website to see what I’m talking about).

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, the power of color of the Caribbean and the aesthetic of European design have become the backbone of his style. He currently resides in Barcelona, Spain and works as freelance designer.

To get in touch with him, or to explore more of his amazing vivid abstract work, please head over to his:












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