Some Great Mario Illustrations and Artworks

Some Great Mario Illustrations and Artworks

Mario is one of the most popular video-games out there. Pretty much everyone has played it, from children to their parents and even maybe their grand-parents.

Mario is a name known to all. In this post we will show you some great illustrations and digital artworks done by artists representing Mario himself: different types of artworks show him different.

The credits can be found at the very end of the post, and I do urge you to go visit them as they deserve all the attention and love for creating these awesome illustrations and artworks.





Tom Whalen, Fro Design (3), Jon Defreest, Bob Dob, Themrock, Gabe Swarr, Javier Burgos Arroyo, LuigiL, Malinko, Mike Stefanini, Pixeloo, Ryan WoodNicola Felaco, beyx, James Burlinson, Jonah Block, drawsgood, Branko Ricov, Quakerninja, Jelle Gijsberts, georges le mercenaire, demiurgic, tamer koseli, Rafael Ayala, benryyou, eduardovieira, Themrock (2), Goretoon, agentscarlet, ihateyouare, Murfish, Imson, Marcin, Dirk Erik Schulz, Fellipe Martins , Dirk Erik Schulz, Gary Storkamp

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