Stunning Psychedelic Artwork by Nicky Barkla

Stunning Psychedelic Artwork by Nicky Barkla

Nicky Barkla is a professional artist from Melbourne, Australia. Her portfolio is brimming with creative stuff: from some mind-boggling psychedelic artwork, to more normal, yet equally awesome paintings. The best part is the fact that she does this all by traditional means. Not digitally, which makes her artwork stand out even more.

Words would do no justice, so go check her portfolio for yourself:




Albert Einstein

Darth Maul

Darth Vader

Dead Space 3


Duality - Mystery Machine album cover



I Am Awake - Walter White

John Lennon

Leonardo DiCaprio - Inception poster

Lord Voldemort

Ludwig van Beethoven

Neil Young paint scribble

Raoul Duke - Johnny Depp

Ryze the Rogue Mage - League of Legends poster


The Incredible Hulk

We're All Mad Here - The Cheshire Cat



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