The 100,000 LEDs in Sumida River Tokyo

The 100,000 LEDs in Sumida River Tokyo

For the inauguration of the Tokyo Hotaru festival, last weekend, 100,000 LED lights floated down the Sumida River.

The LEDs were provided by Panasonic, designed to light up upon contact with water and powered by solar energy. Look at the images below and just see how beautiful they look floating atop the water. After illuminating a large stretch of the river, which also hosts a popular fireworks festival in the summer, the LEDs were all caught in a large net

The long-exposure photographs have really brought out the beauty and the whole thing looks so awesome!

Pictures after the jump. There are also credits at the end of the post!




Credits: (2), Jeremy V (3), makure, ajpscs, Mai Suzuki (2), KoZa_KoZamaikegotchi

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