The 50+ Most Magnificent iPhone Retina Wallpapers

The 50+ Most Magnificent iPhone Retina Wallpapers


If you have an iPhone that supports a retina display then it would be a shame if you do not have a fitting retina wallpaper to go with it. Having a normal wallpaper on a Retina display isn’t quite as amazing, and does not do it justice – you need to be able to enjoy and be mesmerized by the stunning crisp, sharp detailed resolution of your iOS device.

In this post, I sail the web in search for some of the best iPhone Retina wallpapers. As always, we only tend to display those iPhone Retina Wallpapers which we can credit to someone (of course there are exceptions to this rule: especially if the wallpaper is really amazing and we cannot find the author of that iPhone Retina Wallpaper).

I hope you thoroughly enjoy these iPhone Retina Wallpapers, and feel free to apply them to any other mobile device as well – I bet they’ll look just as good on any other smartphone.




Omega Code Blue by Iqx Azmi


Imperial Stormtrooper by Liam Brazier


Yellow Rope by Jaune


Jaku by bblake


Solo Bus by sabioingrato


Orbs by Iqx Azmi


Poly by iqx azmi


Moving Antlers by iqx azmi


Spaceman by Juan Molinet


Sketchee by RypeArts


Rock Salt by Pixeldmind


Solus Rings by Zac Dixon


September 2014 by Kriegs

Created by Jason Krieger. Available for download from


Timeless Dream by Unknown


Ming Hua by Dan Matutina


Zaheer by Dan Matutina


Death of Privacy by Dan Matutina


Trooper by Chase Kunz


Flight by Dan Matutina


The Device by raccoonnook


Ceci n’est pas une pipe by Alan de Sousa

Ceci nest pas une pipe


Disney and the Death Star by Milli-Jane


Night Form by Sam Glynn


105e by Marius Roosendaal


Muscle Car by Paolo Ertreo


Earth by Amy Pasos


Evil Ninjas by Victor Beuren


Last Lights by Mushcube

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset


Novo Blaze by Mushcube


Ozone by Mushcube


Glazer by Mushcube


Insomnia by Mushcube


Annapurna by Mushcube



Springing by Mushcube




1915 by Adam’s Ale


Skala by Bjango



The following iPhone Retina Wallpapers are without authors – they could not be looked up or are not present. If you can identity any of the authors for the following images; or if you are the author of the one of the below images, send us a message (through any stated means on the Contact page)

iPhone Retina Wallpapers

Gradient by Unknown


Tell Me Zombie by Unknown


Beach Sand by Unknown


Mustang by Unknown


Wood by Unknown


Desert Warrior by Unknown


2Square by Unknown


Spiral Circle by Unknown


Green Pattern by Unknown


Low Poly Art by Unknown


Black and White by Unknown


November by Unknown


Closeup by Unknown



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