The Best of Michal Lisowski’s Illustrations

The Best of Michal Lisowski’s Illustrations

Michal is a illustration artist from Poland. Here is a little about himself:

Hi, my name is Michal, living in Warsaw, Poland.

I’m digital painter working mostly with tablet, but also traditionally.

He is a professional artist who has hands-on-experience with many, small and big clients. His list of clients include:

Ubisoft, Disney, NVIDIA, B-win, Mtv, Orlen, Orange, Play, Kinder, Skoda, Carefour, Zywiec, Biedronka, Nescafe, Lotos, PKO, PZU, Aviva. Movies: Trick (dir. J.Hryniak), Kolysanka (dir. J.Machulski) and Sala Samobojcow (dir. J.Komasa).

These are just some of his clients.

Check his portfolio out at:

Michal Lisowski

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