The Best of Tumblr #1

The Best of Tumblr #1

Tumblr is one of the best sources for seeking inspiration. Believe it or not, you will find pretty much everything there if you have the time to browse around. From illustrations, typography artworks to photography and even web-designs.

Tumblr is loaded with the best inspiration on the Internet.

In this post, we have scouted Tumblr and compiled some amazing artworks we found over at Tumblr. At the bottom of the post, you can find the few credits we could find. There are many users on Tumblr who re-blog the post, or post an image from somewhere else, so keeping track of the original author becomes really difficult.

Here goes anyways:






1,2-marinko illustrations,3-lauraferreirastudios, 5-Sonia Rentsch, 7,8- Pavel Ripley, 11-Barrett Biggers, 12-chicgarden, 14-Andri Koiava, 15-Benjamin Foo, 16-Maickell Vilela, 17-Mercuro B Cotto, 19-Marcelo Schultz, 20- Brendon King George, 21-ederminetto, 22-albertoprado, 23-DoMz Designs, 25-mibstudio, 26-Boban Aleksovski, 27-David Amblard, 28-david long, 29-nenuno, 30-Nicolas , 31-40-Aaron Christopher Judd

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