The Classical and Contemporary Art of Star Wars

The Classical and Contemporary Art of Star Wars

Star Wars is one of the most famous series out there. From the quote “I am Your Father” to the hairy Wookie, everything about Star Wars is loved and adored by its millions of fans worldwide.

Therefore, here are some of the best images of Star Wars to revive those memories, and maybe, serve as a small tribute to a great legend.


Princess Leia: [by Daniel E. Greene]

This painting by American painter, Daniel E.Greene shows not only appearance of Princess Leia, but suggests her inner character with the blending of simplicity and purity possessed by her pure white robe, and her more “aggressive” stance shown by the gun and her “would kill for food” expression.

Backyard Jedi vs. Darth Vader: [by Stephen Heigh]

This image not only suggested the usual Jedi vs. Darth Vader aspect of the Star Wars series, but according to the artist he wished to show the childhood of creator of the series, George Lucas, who was probably like any other kid playing in the backyard. The kids are playing a more different game such as “cop and robber”.

Droid C-3PO: [by Gary Carter]

The Montana artist, Gary Carter created this piece depicting the droid, C-3PO walking amongst the Red Indians. While he himself has commented on this artwork, and the inspiration behind that led to it, we can certainly say for sure that the artwork could show the Droid walking amongst strangers – and even the droid feels the “awkwardness” in walking as many tribal people surround him.

The artwork was featured in many magazines, and project features.

Fem Trooper: [by Scott M. Fischer]

The Fem Trooper was an idea born in Scott M. Fischer’s mind he became totally obsessed and inspired with the Stormtrooper clothes. According to him, if one was a stormtrooper one would definitely need the perfect partner – and the idea of a Female Trooper seemed to be the perfect match, with her female looks, and sensuality under that armor – just classical!

Worst DNA: [by Tsuneo Sanda]

The idea and concept is amazing behind this artwork done by, Tsuneo Sanda, who happens to be one of the official artists for the Star Wars series.

The idea about having the Worst DNA would probably mean being the perfect Darth Vader. In the image you can see a lot of Vaders standing, and that particular, perfect one shining out apart from the rest by engulfing in what seems to be chakra (KI) and sporting the ‘Dark sides’ lightsaber.

Jedi Master, Yoda: [by Tsuneo Sanda]

The image shows Yoda in his ‘warrior’ form. Small, but very athletic and shows that he is one of the best Jedis, and not something to be messed with. He may be short, and old – but the image clearly show his athletic moves and his skills and experience in using a lightsaber for the good of Jedi.

Star Wars Anniversary: [by Tsuneo Sanda]

The perfect way to celebrate the Star Anniversary – make an image and blast majority of the characters from the Star Wars series in it. Not only that, but the red and blue combination gives a good feel of the “good vs. bad” concept.

However, it seems they surely gave Darth Vader a more focus (probably owing to his insane popularity as the antagonist).

Mondo Original Trilogy: [by Tyler Stout]

The usual comic design, however this one attracts the user more into it by firstly portraying the antagonist (Darth Vader) in the middle, the protagonist and “good” side on the very top in clear boxes and the others around the middle character.

The clearly written “STAR WARS” shows what the comic page is all about, even with all the cluster of characters up there. Star Wars artists are clever, and just cannot get any better than this!

Anakin Sykwalker: [by Brian Rood]

One of the most “emotional” picture, since it shows the hidden emotions of the young Anakin Skywalker, later to be the most *spoiler* evil and famous antagonist, Darth Vader (if you never watched Star Wars, then you were definitely under a rock

While the art itself does not look very good, but the meaning of the picture stands out more than its artistic features.

Lord Vader, The Imperial Battle: [by Olly Moss]

This is just one of the re-incarnations of Star Wars posters, for the Mondo Original Trilogy (see above). This one is a bit more artistic, and a lot less clustered. However, classical art has its own appeal, so I won’t say that this is better than that.

However, I do love the color combination, use of characters which give you a slight “hint” as to what it’s about, not only the series but also about the plot of each.

Modern approach:

While the above art has been taken from the time Star Wars was not very famous. Also, the above section has a more classical and original approach, to what its art was and how it still IS, considering the above were all done by professional artists / painters, most of who are or have worked with Lucasfilms.

The list of 10 below shows Star Wars from the perspective of new and modern artists. Artists who prefer to use ‘digital art’ as a mean of expressing their views / art. While the list could be extended into 100’s I’ll keep it to 10of the best I loved and liked.

The Star Wars Tribute: [by Mateusz Sypien]

Star Wars: Licensing Art: [by Gregory Parkin]

Star Wars: Pixel Art:  [by Michael Myers]

The Dark Side: [by Szoki]

Adidas Starwars: They Are Invading: [by Moustafa Hassan]

Star Wars: The War: [by Leon JO]

Star Wars: Legacy: [by Omar Eli]

Shadow Operation: [by Kai Lim]

Boba Fett: [by Kai Lim]

Star Wars: The Series: [by Joel Bergman]

THE BONUS (Cosplay):

Cosplay is hard to do, and not photographing it an art. For if you do not know how to, the one doing Cosplay looks seriously silly and at times, dumb. However, people who cosplay seriously come out with some amazing photographs.

Here are 5 of the best I’ve seen so far in my rather small search for Star Wars cosplay photographs.

Princess Leia:

I have to say, Princess Leia looks amazing, or love-squad looks exactly like her – same thing!  At first sight, she seems to look exactly like Princess Leia brought to life (duh!). The photographer shot from a good angle too, and got the best side of her. Nicely done

Queen Amidala:

One of the best cosplay shots I have ever seen. The model (Nicola) does a great job of acting like the Queen – sober, serious and the best of all – royal. The makeup and expressions make the photograph even more worth it.

Darth Maul:

Good makeup, quality photograph and focus on the face makes up for the entire cosplay here. This is one of those cosplay shots, in which you pay less attention to the attire and more attention to the makeup, since that is what makes Darth Maul different. Any cloak would do for him, right.

Storm Trooper:

You can’t go wrong here. In any ways, other than the fact that you could take the photography messed up. The Storm Trooper disguises your personal appearance anyways, so you just need to wear that white blob armor of his, and let the Imperial Battle start. Or not maybe.

Darth Talon:

This happens to be a simple picture. Nothing very special, however, the attire, the tattoos (which tend to be the makeup) and the lighting effects all add up to make this shot a good cosplay one. I am even ignoring the circuit board in the background for the sake that the cosplay is done nicely.

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