The God Father

The God Father

I usually don’t feature a stand-alone digital illustration from any artist, however, this one was something which totally caught me eye and considering it was from “The Simpsons”, I was totally tempted to actually publish this here, and share it with all my readers.

There is so much to this 1 piece of artwork. First, its black and white, which gives it that dull, melancholy look. The Simpsons is a funny TV show, but this artwork totally shows both the sides. It could be considered funny, but it could even be considered more seriously, which is exactly what makes this so special.

The artwork is done by Alexandr Vladimirovich, who is a digital artist from Russia. Click on his name to check out more of his work, and his portfolio to know more about him. I am sure you will love his other gallery as well.

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