The Historic Showcase of World Cup Print Materials

The Historic Showcase of World Cup Print Materials

The World Cup tournament was launched in 1930 in Uruguay by FIFA. South American country, Brazil, will host the tournament in 2014 and will see 12 new or designed stadiums being used by the 32 teams that have qualified to play for a chance to win the famous Golden Globe trophy. The tournament, which is over 80 years old, has taken place every four years despite a four-year break for the Second World War between 1942 and 1946.

For over the 80 years, FIFA has used several outlets to promote the World Cup competition. Print has been used from the start with FIFA commissioning local artists from the host country to create an official poster, with promotional activities including television and the Internet starting later.

Litho printing partner, Elanders UK, takes a look at the design aspects and how it has changed through the course of the historic tournament.

This is a guest post written by – Jonny Rowntree (click on the link to check his Twitter page)




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