The Most Stunning CG Girls (Compilation)

The Most Stunning CG Girls (Compilation)

In this post we will show you some extraordinary artists who have painted or made 3D models of girls. These girls look very much real, but I assure you they are only CG (Computer Graphics).

However, I do hope you admire the work put into these artworks – the hardwork and patience they have put into making them.

Check the credits at the very end of the post. The post might be mildly NSFW, so be warned.






Baolong Zhang (3D), David Moratilla Amago (3D) ,Wei Yang (3D) ,jonathan Roméo (3D) ,Filip Novy 3D) ,Nianzu Zhang (3D) ,Jason Edwards (3D) ,Baolong Zhang (3D) ,Kunho Bae (3D) ,Maciek Ptaszynski 3D) Frédéric Scarramazza (3D) ,Rafael Grassetti (3D) ,Daniele Scerra (3D) ,Anto Matkovic (3D) ,Zhang Chen 3D) ,Clark Yang (3D) ,Patrick Suen (3D) ,Taebong Lim (3D) ,Rui Pang (3D) ,ZhiHeng Tang (3D) ,Janos ujner 3D) ,Andrius Balciunas (3D) ,seung hoon roh (3D) ,Andrius Balciunas (3D) ,Kyle Hoo (3D) ,Xiaodong Li 3D) Gianpietro Fabre (3D) ,Tom Isaksen (3D) ,Dan Roarty (3D) ,Sheng Yuan (3D) ,Dmitriy Vlasenko (3D) ,Mario Wibisono (2D) ,Melanie Delon (2D) ,Natascha Roeoesli (2D) ,Melanie Delon (2D) ,Ahmad amadan,Rebeca Puebla,Kleber Darcio,David Moratilla Amago (3D)

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