Vibrant Finger Paintings by Iris Scott

Vibrant Finger Paintings by Iris Scott


The viewer is left amazed with these vibrant, colour exploding pieces of art, and I can only imagine the hard-work that Iris Scott puts into these work. Note to yourself that Iris Scott is a finger painting artist based in New York City, Brooklyn. Iris makes her colour-saturated canvases burst with movement using a form of textural Impressionism all her own, and without using a brush.

She is said to often incorporate more than 100 different oil colors into a single scene, and the results are extraordinary as you can see below!

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Iris_Scott-Miss Gibbons and the Scarf, 6/13/11, 9:59 PM, 16C, 9880×13111 (76+59), 125%, Custom, 1/60 s, R59.7, G37.6, B56.5


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