Virtual City – If Internet was a City in Real World

Virtual City – If Internet was a City in Real World

Sang Un Jeon is a brilliant artist and his art project “Virtual City” is something that has indeed fascinated me enough to cover it on the website.

Designed by Korean-born media artist Sang Un Jeon, Virtual city is a physical visualization of the current topography of the world wide web, interfaced to a keyboard.

Representing structures from throughout the United States, London, and Beijing, the project emphases the lack of national boundaries of the internet.

In the virtual city, each building is located on the key for the first letter in its name. Twitter with its 250 million unique views becomes the new museum in Manhattan, Google, whose 900 million views make it the world trade center, while Facebook (750 million) becomes the empire state building and Wikipedia (350 million) the gherkin building in London, and so on and so forth.

Check it out on Sang’s website:

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