Wallpaper Pack: The Last Vampire Astronaut

Wallpaper Pack: The Last Vampire Astronaut

If you want to download the image pack instead:

Here is the download link for the wallpaper pack.

This amazing series was started by Jared Nickerson, who then allied with other amazing digital illustrators all around to create the amazing The Last Vampire Astronaut series which constituted of some really amazing wallpapers. These wallpapers were found in sizes of both 1920 and 1600 alike.

Jared was kind enough to give us the permission to post this wallpaper pack here, and also to feature him over here. Thanks Jared!

Here is a copyright notice from JThree Concepts:

All Wallpapers in this pack Copyright their respective artist. “The Last Vampire Astronaut” character copyright Jthree Concepts 2011

The following artists are to be credited for their involvement in this pack:

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