Welcome to all New CrispMe

Welcome to all New CrispMe

ncpthumb (Welcome to all New CrispMe on CrispMe)

Hi Folks! We are pretty sure that you are loving the new design? If you have not noticed the new design, you would might need to clear your browser cache. Due to traffic load, we use several cache plugins just to survive the SU, Reddit and now pinterest traffic spikes. The previous design mainly the site logo, was taking a lot of space ‘above the fold’ and it really didn’t make any sense except for, that we have had an Ad next to it.

But If you are a frequent visitor of Crispme, you would realize, monetizing the site has alway been our least priority. If there were a way I could pay for hosting bills and our writers fees without ads, I’d definitely had opted for it. ;} – anyway the only above the fold ad has also been moved to the bottom of the post, where you would only notice it, If you want to see it. We really hope browsing Crispme would be even more fun now, and we appreciate the support of our loyal visitors, who spread the word about our site everywhere they go, be it Twitter, Facebook, SU, Reddit or pinterest. If you have any suggestion or encounter any bug in the new design please do let us know in the comments below. I had spent last 12 hours making sure, it looks fine on both Windows 7 and Mac running Chrome/Firefox and friggin IE 9.

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  • Looks good.. :)

  • Adam

    Fantastic design

  • Jeff


  • Jeff

    test comment

  • Chuck

    You truly are do a amazing job with the site. This is the far best place to go for the best wallpapers and just high quality photos. Thanks!

  • Jeff

    @chuck Thanks for your kind words.

  • Dustin

    Best site I have seen in a long time. Keep it up!