World Capture: Canada

World Capture: Canada

Canada is a country that loves to stay away from everything – politics, many sports events and so. However, it does this only for the good of its people. Have you ever seen Canada in the news lately? The answer would probably be no.

In this post, I will show you some beautiful photographs from Canada that make you realize just how beautiful this socially ‘isolated’ country is.  Bigger than the United States, but smaller in actions and so – I love it.

I have spent some time in Toronto, and it was by far an amazing time. The credits can be found at the end




Doug Roane, Werner Bollmann, Dan Ballard Photography, Aubrey Stoll, Dana Prost, Vladimir Naumoff, Paul Zizka, Danielle Lefrancois, Fabs Forns, Robin B. Powell, Aaron Macfarlane, Steve Shuey, B Korponay, Dwayne Andrejczuk, Steve Leach, Steve Steinmetz, Raymond Barlow, Marianna Armata, peter j, Michelle Lee, Carlos D. Ramirez, Jim Cumming, Ryan V, Roof Topper, Hamish Grant, Roland Shainidze, Roland Shainidze, Leon Efimov, Jonathan Eger, Carlos D. Ramirez, Jim Dollar, John Counter, Carlos Gotay, Viktoria Haack, Evan Spellman

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