World Capture: New York

World Capture: New York

The city that never sleeps, the home to some of the world’s most wealthiest people and the place where dreams are made. Such an amazing place New York is – that is why most shirts have the “I <3 NY” design.

Anyways, as it has been some time I have highlighted a city or place in the world in our “not so regular” World Capture posts, I decided it was time I feature one of the best cities in the world. I hope you people check the credits at the end of the post and visit them too – their galleries are full of interesting and surprising stuff!

Time for the images





Dominique Palombieri, Hannes Welker, Navid Baraty, Matthias Haker, Sotha Ith, Amador Esquiu, David et Myrtille, Andrew Bayda, Emanuel Hult, Jared Lim, Violet Kashi, Philipp Klinger (4), anto XIII, Philipp Klinger (2), Barney F, Philipp Klinger, Trey Ratcliff, Matt Shermanmartynesku, JeanFan, haley727, fiona438, CatchMe-22, DarkSaiF (5), NoaDigital – Miguel Martinez, Oleg Podzorov

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