World Capture: Pakistan (35 Images)

World Capture: Pakistan (35 Images)

World Capture is a post in which I will choose a country, city or location and show you some amazing pictures from that specific destination. We would like to show you the side of a country you may have never seen, or witnessed in the media – we are drawing you away from the stereotype image of the country to a whole new one.


Pakistan is a lovely country, with rich culture and an history that ranges back to quite some time. Every famous ruler, from Gengis Khan to Alexander the Great have stepped once in their rule in Pakistan.

The Northern-Areas of Pakistan also remain to be one of the best tourist spots in the world owing to their ‘heaven’ like beauty.





Syed Sibt-e-Hassan, Commoner28th, M Atif Saeed, M Atif Saeed, !!sahrizvi!!, M. Asif – AWAY !, © Lucie Debelkova / , TARIQ HAMEED SULEMANI, ▓▒░Farrukh░▒▓, !!sahrizvi!!, Asim237, M Atif Saeed, Anas Ahmad, friend_faraway ., galibert olivier, SherazMalik, KlausKommoss,  s_sohaib, Ahmed Zoha (2), K2Rulez, Farhan Raza (2), Framed Sky, Aliraza Khatri, osaid-, UNICEF Pakistan, Sir Cam, M [email protected], Vintage7dreams, nolakha, enginguneysu, midwatch, MehreenFreed, grafixeye

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