3 Benefits of Working with CPG Recruiters


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When you think of recruiting, the hiring of new staff is typically the first thing that springs to mind. However, one overlooked facet of recruiting is the executive branch.

Can you really use recruiters to find senior executives, company vice presidents, and even CEOs?

The answer is yes!

This type of practice is called executive recruiting, and it’s vital for large industries like consumer packaged goods.

In this article, you’ll learn how to work with the industry’s best CPG recruiter to find executive talent.

1. Choosing a CPG Recruiter

First, you must know how to hire a recruiting agency.

Filter results by industry.

Ideally, you want a recruiter with plenty of years of experience in the consumer packaged goods industry. You can also contact several recruiters and discuss your goals to find the right fit.

Next, look at the metrics.

You want a CPG executive with a track record of success. A candidate who’s looking to stay long-term at a company is another plus; you can assess this point through employee retention rates.

You don’t have to limit your choices to your company’s locale, either; plenty of top candidates are willing to relocate for a great opportunity.

Do you want to keep the recruiting process as confidential as possible?

For companies that want to protect intellectual property and future projects, you can hire a confidential executive recruiter who understands the needs of their client.

2. Clear and Consistent Communication

Excellent communication skills should be a cornerstone of every recruiter’s philosophy. Attracting, onboarding, and retaining executives is an important investment. You don’t want to approach this investment lightly.

Recruiters interact with an influx of potential candidates. Thus, you need a recruiter who will check in daily, even multiple times, to brief you on top contenders.

Recruiters should compile candidate reports complete with the following:

  • Work histories
  • Professional headshots
  • Locations
  • Project Portfolios
  • Video interviews

Recruiters use a suite of digital tools, as well.

LinkedIn is one of the most noteworthy social media platforms for recruiting. Thus, it’s important to create a LinkedIn business page for your company; potential candidates can follow your page and track job openings.

If you operate a CPG startup, you can also use tech startup job sites to advertise job openings.

Advertising career opportunities isn’t always necessary, plus, you may get an even larger influx of applications. Often, candidates will connect with a recruiter first, submitting a resume; the recruiter will then connect them with the right CPG company.

3. An Understanding Of Company Culture

This next point is often overlooked but is so important for employee retention.

A company’s culture is vital for maintaining high production, innovation, employee morale, and quality control. Make sure your potential recruiter understands your company culture and communicates its values and expectations when recruiting executives for your company.

Since job candidates typically check the websites of potential employers, you should feature your company culture’s ethos on the career page.

Find the Best Executive Talent

Remember to keep employee metrics in mind when hiring a CPG recruiter for your executive search.

Don’t underestimate the value of great communication, digital platforms, or company culture during the hiring process.

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