6 Duct Cleaning Ways for Improved HVAC Efficiency

Shahzad Masood

HVAC Efficiency

One of the top benefits of improving HVAC efficiency is to lower your electricity bills. So, the main concept here is to make sure the HVAC is working efficiently during the hottest times like summer. In fact, professional duct cleaning is one way of getting your HVAC system to work efficiently as well as improving the indoor air quality. Therefore, you must learn a few duct cleaning tips that we have shared in this blog. Let’s check them out. 

Quick Tips To Improve Your HVAC Efficient 

Have a look at the best 6 tips to improve your HVAC unit’s efficiency below. 

1. Clean Vents And Air Registers

By regularly cleaning and vacuuming the air registers along with vents, you can remove debris and dust collected in those areas. Therefore, cleaning vents and air registers ensure proper airflow as well as prevent obstructions that affect the efficiency of HVAC systems. So, make sure to clean vents and air registers monthly to improve HVAC efficiency. 

2. Inspect Insulation And Ductwork

Air ducts are an important component of HVAC systems as they act as pathways for conditioned air travel throughout your home. Insulation around ductwork is what helps maintain the temperature of the air that is moving throughout your property. Thus, inspecting the insulation and ductwork visually to repair whenever necessary is very important as it improves HVAC efficiency. 

3. Clean Evaporator & Condenser Coils

As crucial components of an HVAC system, both evaporator and condenser coils are responsible for heat exchange. The evaporator cools the indoor air and the condenser releases the heat outdoors. So, cleaning them regularly not only improves the HVAC efficiency but also its lifespan, and eliminates premature wear and tear problems. 

4. Seal Air Leaks 

With air leaks in areas such as crawl space, attic, and outdoor-facing areas such as windows and doors, HVAC systems run more frequently. This is because HVAC systems need to compensate for the temperature changes. Therefore, it is best to seal these air leak areas by closing windows and doors as soon as you turn on your HVAC system. 

5. Program The Thermostat 

The thermostat of your HVAC system helps you know at what temperature the HVAC system should run to improve its efficiency. In fact, programming the thermostat just by 10° for 8 hours a day helps your HVAC system to save 15% of energy costs in a year. So, when you are programming an HVAC thermostat, you can set its temperature to different degrees at different times like morning, evening, night, and throughout the day.  

6. Change Air Filter

An open fact about HVAC air filters is that they get clogged with both debris and dirt over time which in turn affects HVAC efficiency. Moreover, when the air filter gets dirty, they need to consume more energy to work harder and push the air. So, changing the air filter every 3 months is necessary as this helps in reducing the strain on your HVAC system. In fact, this helps in less need for HVAC repairs. 

Upgrade Your HVAC System With Professional Aid 

If you want an alternative option for DIY cleaning, then you can count on professional duct cleaning. This is because professionals have unparalleled knowledge in executing different cleaning methods, skills, and training. You can expect such assistance from our local duct cleaners. With years of serving, our duct cleaners have gained expertise in multiple cleaning methods. Therefore, we ensure that your HVAC works at peak efficiency in no time. As well as we charge you the most reasonable prices for the same. In fact, with our duct cleaners, you can schedule a routine cleaning to improve the HVAC efficiency. Get in touch now. 

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