7 Exceptional Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses

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7 Exceptional Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses

If you are running a business on a small scale, you should pay significant attention to your product packaging as it can be a game changer for you.

Packaging is the first thing encountered by your customers that displays your brand identity. Designing it uniquely to fit your product and impress your buyers can be a challenging task.

If you’re a busy entrepreneur and can’t spend time on reviewing all packaging styles and designs, don’t worry!

In this blog, we will discuss 7 exceptional packaging ideas that will give a big boost to your small business. Read on to find some exciting ideas!

7 Packaging Suggestions You Should Never Ignore

Choosing custom packaging for your business is not a decision you can make haphazardly. You will have to check various types of boxes for small businesses available in the market to choose the one that’s most suited for your business.

Once you choose the right box, you can pick any of the following seven packaging ideas to make your brand stand out!

1.     Try Customized Packaging

Customization has become the need of the hour in the packaging industry. This is because every business has its distinctive shapes, sizes, and printing requirements. Customize your packages to fit your products perfectly and attract your customers.

You can go for conventional square and rectangular shapes. However, you can opt for pyramidal, gable, cylindrical, and other designs if you want to go out of the box.

2.     Go with Artistic Graphics

Printing artistic graphics on the packaging can leave a lasting impression on your buyers. You can get relatable graphics imprinted on your product packaging to hit the customer’s psychology and promote your business.

These graphics can also be associated with special occasions that can surprise product buyers. For instance, adding an animated image of Santa Claus riding on the sleigh will connect your product with Christmas.

3.     Choose Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable packaging has become highly popular, as using it saves your planet from various hazards. These packages are mostly biodegradable and recyclable, leaving no carbon footprint, hence, good for the well-being of our planet.

The best thing about these packages is that their sustainability does not compromise their sturdiness. For example, boxes made with kraft material are sustainable and can withstand high pressure during transit.

Cardboard, corrugated, and kraft packaging are known for their sustainability and eco-friendliness. You consider these product packages to satisfy your eco-conscious customers.

4.     Add Personalized Packaging Inserts

Custom inserts not only enhance the unboxing experience of the buyers but also assist in sorting your products, appropriately. For instance, custom dividers can be used to separate products or their pieces in a single box.

Adding shredded paper to your packaging not only entices your customers but also protects your fragile items from being damaged.

5.     Pick Minimalistic Designs

Sometimes, minimal is more than enough. The minimalist design approach is becoming popular in the market. High end packaging boxes are the best example of packaging that pursues minimal design yet looks premium.

Plain box style with selected graphics imprinted on them impresses your customers more than the complex and overdone packages. So, consider a minimalistic design approach while making custom packaging for your products.

6.     Insert Thank-you Notes

Surprise your customers and persuade them to repurchase. Adding thank-you notes to your custom packaging will please your buyers upon unboxing the package. It is an excellent tactic to engrave your brand name in the minds of your potential customers.

7.     Explore Custom Die-Cut Windows

Die-cut window packaging is mostly used to pack retail products. The window features provide a sneak peek of the product to your buyers. Such amazing packaging can make the minds of your buyers regarding the purchase of your products.

These windows are covered with a transparent polyvinyl sheet that allows a see-through without exposing your item to damaging factors.

Where to Buy Custom Packaging?

You can approach local vendors, but it’s better to choose online retailers to get custom packaging according to your requirements. Make sure you compare reviews and quotes of different packaging providers to choose the one that suits you most.

Closing Remarks!

Captivating buyers with uniquely designed packaging is essential for the product suppliers. You can go for customized yet sustainable packaging printed with artistic graphics to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Consider minimalist design incorporated with custom inserts and die-cut windows to persuade your potential customers. Adding a thank-you note in the packaging is also a good gesture to please the recipients. And don’t forget to get feedback from your customers to modify your packaging according to their needs. Happy Packaging!

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