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Fat Tire Electric Trikes

Whether it’s an athlete, a sports team, or an actor, we all have our eyes set on winners. 

The same rule applies to riders on the lookout for the best fat tire electric trike. Many avid riders go through countless customer reviews to lock in the best sellers. makes this search easier by shortlisting brands with stellar user reviews and ratings. 

This year’s pick is none other than Addmotor. 

If you’ve read Addmotor electric trike reviews, you probably know that the company is known for designing the top-notch electric trike. Their products are versatile, user-friendly, and easy on the pocket. 

The best part is that Addmotor has a diverse range of electric trikes to meet individual user requirements and cycling needs. 

Our buyer’s guide focuses on the top three fat tire electric trikes of 2024. 

Before we look at each product, let’s discuss an all-important question.

Why Are Fat Tire Electric Trikes So Popular?

Adult electric trikes are becoming a much sought-after choice for anyone interested in investing in eco-safe rides for daily commutes and outdoor adventures. That is because they rely on batteries with zero carbon emissions, unlike fuel-dependent motorbikes. 

Since e-trikes are an upgraded version of a tricycle, beginners may find it challenging to maneuver. This is where fat tire electric trikes come in to save the day. Their ergonomic design provides more stability and traction. 

The wider, oversized tires provide a larger contact area with the ground to keep the trike steady. It distributes weight more evenly, minimizing surface pressure and preventing the e-trike from sinking into soft surfaces (e.g., sand and snow). 

It is equally safe for rougher terrains like rocky roads, gravel, and other uneven surfaces. The extra air volume in fat tires absorbs the shock when the tire hits a bumpy trail. In turn, this leads to a comfortable and smooth ride.

These features make a fat tire electric trike a crowd favorite. 

The Terrific Trio: Addmotor Electric Trike Reviews 

Each electric trike is built differently and aligns with the unique needs of specific riders. This is why it is important for buyers to carefully assess their needs before making a purchase. 

As your trusted reviewers, we shall highlight not one but three spectacular electric trikes available at Addmotor. 

Let’s have a look. 

  1. The Best Seller: Addmotor Grandtan Series Electric Fat Trike
Fat Tire Electric Trikes

Addmotor Grandtan M-340 is hands down one of the best options in the fat tire electric trike range available in the market. The swan-like, low-step frame, adjustable seating, and wooden footrest board set this series apart from other fat tire electric trikes. 

If you’re looking for a new, intelligently designed ride, the 2024 Grandtan Trike may be the perfect fit. 

The newer model features a rear-mounted motor instead of a front-mounted motor in the previous model. The upgrade boasts better stability and balance. It also comes with an elongated trailer tube that allows riders to tow in more cargo without trouble. 

Other options in this series include the Grandtan Plus, which features bigger wheels for rough terrains, making it an excellent pick for adventures off the beaten paths. 

In contrast, Grandtan City, with smaller wheels, allows riders to explore urban spaces more easily. The well-sized wheels make it easier to navigate narrow pathways and crowded public spaces. 

Last but not least, Addmotor presents the Grandtan Turbo. This electric trike is equipped with a Bafang 1000W mid-drive motor, which is more reliable than its counterparts. The mid-drive electric trike provides maximum 1500W peak power, 32% more stability, and can deliver up to 20mph speed and 160 NM torque. These specs allow riders to climb hills without the fear of slipping off or facing other setbacks. 

Here’s an overview of the technical specs the Grandtan series offers: 

CategoryTechnical Specs and Components
MotorBafang 1000W Mid-Drive Motor for Grandtan Turbo and Addmotor 750W Rear-Drive Motor for Grandtan and Grandtan Plus
Battery960Wh, Removable
Max Range85 Miles
Top Speed20 MPH
FrameStep Through Aluminum Frame 
Gears7 Gears
BrakeMechanical Disc Brakes
Other FeaturesParking Brake, Differential, Pedal Assist, Throttle, Front Suspension Fork, EB 2.0 Lighting System, LCD, Fat Tires, Aluminum Fenders, Backrest, Electric Horn and Bell
Use CasesCruising, leisure rides, beach trips, and daily rides around the neighborhood

All products within this category are under $4000. The price point varies based on the features each e-trike offers. According to Addmotor electric trike reviews, you should make your decision based on your travel goals and individual needs. 

  1. The Most Accessible Ride: Addmotor Arisetan M-360 Electric Trike
Fat Tire Electric Trikes

Addmotor modified the traditional upright design of 3-wheel electric bikes for adults to create a more comfortable electric tricycle. The design provides extra support to riders with limited mobility and those experiencing chronic back pain. 

As a first-ever semi-recumbent electric trike, the Arisetan M-360 features a recliner-styled design with a backrest. It allows riders to sit back comfortably while they pedal the e-trike. 

The latest model has enhanced features like the rear-mounted motor. This new position provides increased control and far greater traction than when the motor is placed in the front of the electric bike. The sophisticated design also includes a torque sensor that quickly adapts to the speed and pace required by the rider. These features make the ride steadier and more stable. 

The sturdy front fork is integrated with a suspension system that efficiently decreases vibrations while the fat tires absorb shocks, making it easier to ride on uneven surfaces. 

Other innovative features include a park brake system that prevents the electric trike from rolling or slipping away when parked. You also have the LCD and functional buttons to keep track of speed, mileage, and other essential aspects of riding an electric trike. 

Like other fat tire trikes in this guide, the Arisetan M-360 has a trailer tube to tow cargo. This functional feature allows riders to run errands without worrying about managing grocery/shopping bags. All you have to do is hook up the trailer and put the bags in the back, much like the trunk of a car. 

Our Addmotor electric trike reviews would be incomplete without a full assessment. 

Here are all the amazing components of this trendy e-trike: 

CategoryTechnical Specs and Components
MotorAddmotor 750W Rear-Drive Motor
Battery960Wh, Removable
Max Range85 Miles
Top Speed20 MPH
FrameSemi-Recumbent Aluminum Frame
Gears7 Gears
BrakeMechanical Disc Brakes
Other FeaturesEB 2.0 Lighting System, Front Suspension Fork, Differential, LCD, Pedal Assist, Throttle, Fat Tires, Backrest, Parking Brake, Aluminum Fenders, Electric Horn & Bell
Use CasesDaily commute, neighborhood runs, beach trips, urban and leisurely rides

Whether you’re looking for an accessible 3-wheel electric bike for yourself or a loved one, do give the Arisetan II M-360 a try. It is available in five colors: blue, green, red, orange, and white.

The electric trike costs around $3149, which makes it a valuable investment for daily commuters and outdoor adventurers. 

  1. The Two-Seater: Addmotor Soletri M-366X
Fat Tire Electric Trikes

Interested in going on an adventure for two?

Addmotor Soletri M-366X has got you covered with its comfy banana seat. This sleek and stylish two-seater makes for a perfect anniversary or Valentine’s gift for couples. 

This model combines fun with functionality with its shock-absorbing fat tires, suspension system, and ergonomic step-through bike frame. The frame design makes it easier for riders to mount the electric trike without assistance. 

There’s also room for a rear basket with a waterproof storage bag. This allows you to pack travel essentials when you’re out and about the city or off to an outdoor adventure. 

Aside from these special features, this e-trike has many signature Addmotor features, including a user-friendly 5-inch LCD to monitor speed and mileage, waterproof fenders to protect the tires, a versatile lighting system for signaling, and a long-lasting 20Ah battery. 

All these specs allow riders to embark on short and long trips without worries.  

Here’s a closer look at what this 3-wheel electric bike has to offer: 

CategoryTechnical Specs and Components
MotorBafang 48V*750W Front Brushless Gear Motor
Battery960Wh, Removable
Max Range85 Miles
Top Speed20 MPH
FrameStep Through Aluminum Frame 
Gears7 Gears
BrakeMechanical Disc Brakes
Other FeaturesEB 2.0 Lighting System, Front Suspension Fork, Differential, LCD, Pedal Assist, Throttle, Fat Tires, Backrest, Parking Brake, Aluminum Fenders, Electric Horn & Bell
Use CasesNeighborhood, urban spaces, cruising, beach, and leisure rides 

Addmotor Soletri M-366X has everything you need in an electric trike and more for just $2699. The banana seat makes it convenient for riders to travel with a friend or partner. It also counts as our budget pick since it is cheaper than the other adult electric trikes mentioned in this guide. 

Overall, it’s a great investment whether you’re looking for an electric tricycle for one or two. 

Ready for Your Next Ride?

If you are looking for a winning deal, Addmotor’s fat tire electric trikes shall not disappoint. These long-range tricycles come in versatile designs and price points to accommodate your preferences and budget. 

According to Addmotor electric trike reviews from critics and customers, the Grandtan Series is an apt choice for outdoor adventures in the city and across nature trails. The series features three distinctive designs with different wheel sizes and a mid-drive electric trike. This helps them adapt to various terrains and environments, resulting in a seamless ride. 

Riders with limited mobility or those who experience back pain while cycling may prefer the Arisetan M-360. The ergonomic design has a seat that allows riders to recline while using the e-trike. The backrest, visible lighting, LCD controller, and shock-absorbing tires make it a stable and reliable electric ride. 

On the other hand, if you want an electric trike that accommodates two people, look no further than the Soletri M-366X. It’s a fun, functional, and efficient electric trike for Addriders. The trike features a rear-end storage space that allows you to pack for longer trips or carry essentials for shorter ones. 

All in all, Addmotor is the best manufacturer of fat tire trikes. It has something for every type of rider. So, hop on to the official site to find your dream ride. 

Good luck!

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